Fraud Detection Tool

Telecoms fraud is increasing at an alarming rate and is one of the largest sources of revenue loss for telecom service providers. Estimates vary but a safe estimation is that worldwide damage will amount to more than 15 billion euros on a yearly basis. In addition to the financial damage for a service provider, abuse of fixed and mobile telephone connections also results in PR damage. Clients and resellers can be confronted with huge invoice amounts and will wonder why their telecom provider was unable to intervene.

The Tribess fraud tool offers the possibility to effectively track suspicious telephone traffic. This happens during the CDR rating process; the Tribess fraud tool is an add-on to CDR rating. Its purpose is to recognize fraud as quickly as possible and to generate an alarm so that corrective action can be taken.

Key benefits of Tribess Fraud Detection Tool









Service Features


An alarm message is sent if a threshold is exceeded. This can be done by SMS, e-mail, in a special mobile app or via an XML API.

Distribution groups

Multiple distribution groups can be set. You can therefore distinguish between internal and external alarms and even send specific alarms to specific customers or resellers.

Unlimited fraud cases

The number of configurable fraud cases is close to infinite.

Monitoring window

The monitoring time window is adjustable (5 minutes, 1 hour, 6 hours, 1 day). You can measure every fraud case at different intervals, each with its own threshold.


You can attach different priorities (information / average / high / critical) to a case with corresponding distribution frequency (immediately, hour, day, week, month).

Monitoring Features

The fraud tool can monitor several CDR parameters with the most frequently used being:

Cost of a call

The number of simultaneous calls that a customer initiates

The number of simultaneous calls to the same telephone number that a customer sets up

Destinations, e.g. international calls, calls to countries whose rate per minute is higher than € 1, 090x numbers

Specific customer (groups), e.g. all calls from customer 123 BV or customers from reseller A

Specific service (eg mobile, SIP trunking, CPS)

Blacklist of telephone numbers (or countries) that are always suspicious